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Hi Everyone,

Braddock Elementary hosted Frank Monahan and his basset hounds, Stanley and Norman, yesterday. The students LOVED the presentation. For the primary grades, Frank read his two books and talked to the children about writing
about what inspires them. He also compared his two books and asked which one the children liked best – the second was the favorite by far and Frank explained that the more he writes the better his stories become.

For the upper grades, Frank talked about his writing process and the need for editing. He shared his two books and then showed the students the storyboards for the books with the changes that happened. He also provided copies of the storyboard for teachers to use with their students.

The children then got to meet Stanley and Norman which of course they loved Frank then showed a slide show of the pair as puppies up to now which garnered lots of ooohs and awws! Frank asked that flyers be distributed before the events so students could order one or both books. We had a good response and Frank brought the books with him so I was able to deliver them to the students that day. Of course checks and money are still coming in and Frank said he will deliver or send the books to fulfill the orders. Best of all, Frank provided the flyers and the follow up reminders to be sent out – so a very easy visit to promote and host.

I can’t say enough nice things about Frank and his buddies. The books are charming and lend themselves to lots of writing mini-lessons (point-of-view, the five W’s of fiction etc.) Stanley and Norman were completely charming –
I thought we were going to have a “dog napping” on our hands with the guilty parties our principal and SBTS! They are truly ambassadors for basset hounds everywhere!

Noel Foley

Librarian, Braddock Elementary School

Our staff and students loved having Mr. Monahan visit our campus.

His presentations were very professional and he did a great job of providing visuals for the children. Frank also did a fabulous job of meeting the age, interests and standards of specific grade levels. We would love to welcome Mr. Monahan back to our campus year after year to share his amazing stories of his adorable dogs!

Michelle Ruff

Verrado Elementary School Buckeye, AZ

He gave a K-2 presentation that totally engaged these primary students! They were enthralled with his books about his Bassett Hounds and became inspired to write stories about their pets. With such enthusiasm it became a delight to go back to the classroom and begin writing! Thank you Mr. Monahan!

Pamela Gunyuz

Multiage Teacher, Scott Libby School, Litchfield Park AZ

Mr. Monahan came to our school this week to share his newest stories about his Basset Hounds.

I believe showing the stories while he was reading, made the book more engaging. The students were able to create a movie-like story in their head seeing the enlarged pictures and listening to the descriptive words and captivating story.

Mr. Monahan told the students, in order to get authentic, engaging stories, the writer must be inspired and interested in what they are writing about. I believe this to be true, and I also express this to my Kindergartners. However, there was something about seeing the process unfold (drafting ideas, writing about something very dear to you, getting the pictures to correlate to the writing, and creating the book) that made the Kindergartners realize that it is a reachable objective.

I was able to witness the effect this had…Their writings were creative, and they were not only engaged in the writing process, but listening to each other as they shared their “stories”. Since we are approaching and preparing for Christmas, the children have been writing both imaginative stories, as well as writing about traditions their family has for the holidays. They were very excited to begin their journey as becoming authors. Thanks for encouraging them to write about what inspires them, because especially at this impressionable age, everything (if told with excitement) is inspiring to them!

Again, thank you…. It means a lot to young children when they get to “meet someone famous and get their autograph”, and then they try to be like that person. In the past when there were authors, the Kinders generally did not go, because of the age appropriateness. So, it was great to not only come and see your work, but to see the impact it had on my class!

Brenda Brown

KindergartenTeacher, Scott Libby School, Litchfield Park AZ

Dear Mr. Monahan,

Thank you for theassembly on December 16th at Westernport Elementary in Allegany County of Maryland. It was a pleasure to meet you and your two dogs (Stanley & Norman) that inspired your writings. Our students really enjoyed your presentation. The children enjoyed learning how you created your stories and books. The information that they received was easily related to their own writing assignments. They used your process in the classroom when writing narratives.

As a guidance counselor, I could relate your stories to the importance of obeying rules. Also the writing process I could relate to career education. A school can get many different objectives met and correlate other school topics to your presentation. The students and I also enjoyed your slide show of Stanley & Norman at the end of your presentation. Frank also did a fabulous job of meeting the age, interests and standards of specific grade levels.  I would highly recommend you to other school districts! We look forward to the next book about Stanley & Norman. Thanks so much for your travels and generosity.

Melissa Nelson

School Counselor, Westernport Elementary School, Westernport MD

Dear Mr. Monahan,

Thank you for the assembly on November 18th at Myrtle Avenue Elementary in the Keystone Oaks S.D. It was a pleasure to meet you and your two dogs (Stanley & Norman) that inspired your writings.

Our students and parents that attended really enjoyed your “Kid-Friendly” approach to writing. We were amazed by the “Writing Process” that you prepared for us. The process that you explained to us was very simple and easy for our students to implement in their classrooms. The students told me that they couldn’t wait to read your books! The students and I also enjoyed your slide show of Stanley & Norman at the end of your presentation.

I would highly recommend you to other school districts! We look forward to the next book about Stanley & Norman.

Joseph Arcuri

Principal, Myrtle Avenue Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA

Mr. Frank Monahan visited my elementary school with a well planned, age appropriate lesson that gave students a “behind the scene” view of his two latest books. 

Both of his books revolve around two lovable basset hounds named Stanley and Norman.  In addition to being nice stories, each book teaches children worthwhile lessons.  He even allowed students the opportunity to see pictures of the real life characters in a slide show.  Mr. Monahan made his story come to life when students were able to see how Stanley and Norman were his personal pets.  He answered all student questions in ways that students could understand.

Moreover, upper elementary students were also introduced to the writing process, and Mr. Monahan informed them of the necessary plot elements that should be included in every story.  He also gave emphasis to the editing process, which is great for students of that age to have reinforced.  He showed specific examples in the book were editing took place.  This correlation helped give meaning to his points.  Overall, our entire faculty and student body enjoyed the visit, and the fact that it was FREE made it even better.  I think his presentation would be a valuable experience for any school.

Mike Shuck

5th Grade Teacher, Fred L. Aiken Elementary School, Pittsburgh PA

Dear Mr. Monahan,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you for coming to Barbara Robey Elementary School. I cannot thank you enough for the inspirational writing process you shared with the students K-5. Students will be able to use your valuable information in their writing pieces for years to come.

What a joy it is to have an author create stories using animals within your own home. Statistics say that students write best when they have connected to the subject in order to make text-to-self connections. I believe that through your literature students are able to make those connections and apply the concepts to their everyday writing. This style of writing allows for students to express themselves and search their surroundings to become better writers.

We sincerely hope that you found your visit to be rewarding and friendly, and do invite you to attend our school again. We look forward to your new book coming out in the future. Thank you for spending time with our Robey Family and have a great holiday season.

Mrs. Jeannie Grochocki

Community Liaison, Barbara Robey Elementary School