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The first book, ‘Stanley & Norman: Bad Boy Basset Brothers’, is an endearing, and wonderful book about two Basset puppies who learn life’s lessons through trial and error, and by listening to their ‘masters’, the Mama and the Daddy.

The second book,
‘Stanley & Norman:
Basset Brothers Backyard Buddies
is a fun book following the Basset puppies as they learn to make new friends in their neighborhood by listening to their human Sister.

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The third book,
‘Stanley & Norman: Big Belly Basset Brothers,’
is a book that looks at the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, as the human Brother helps the boys get in shape.

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The fourth book, ‘Stanley & Norman: Basset Brothers Christmas Surprise,’ is a book about the boys gathering their friends together to try and catch Santa Clause. But Santa is too smart for them and leaves them with a very special surprise. 



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Meet the Author

The Author of the Stanley & Norman series, Frank Monahan, can visit your school and talk about his books!
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